Date:October 12, 2012

Vertical Suspended Commerical Pumps

Vertical Suspended Commerical Pumps

Vertical Wastewater Pumps automatically remove waste fluids from a wet well. Use vertical models when it is desireable to have the motor above the floor level.

A vertical pump is suspended and supported by a floor plate. The floor plate is larger than the opening in the wet well cover and rests on the wet well cover. The opening in the wet well cover is determined by the size of the pump case. An upright model is supported by feet and rests on the wet well floor.

Vertical Suspended PumpsAll Models

  • Simplex and duplex systems
  • Cast iron construction
  • Enclosed shaft
  • Discharge piping, floor plates and legs are galvanized.
  • Totally enclosed ball bearing motors are standard. They are available in voltages and phases to meet job requirements
  • Flexible coupling between motor and pump shaft
  • Impeller clearance is adjustable
  • Grease lines to intermediate bearings on many models
  • Large grease resevoir in lower double bearing on many models
  • Bottom suction

Available Options

  • Gas tight or perforated floor plates
  • UL explosion-proof motors
  • 12V DC motor; battery operated models
  • Bronze impeller
  • Stainless steel models
  • Graphite bearing (for hot water)
  • Rubber cutless bearing (for abrasive water)
  • Models for wet wells from 2 to 13 feet deep